Monday, January 28, 2008

What is TURBO ?


  • Turbos reclaim energy that would otherwise been dumped overboard in the form of heat, by using exhaust gasses to spin a turbine, which in turn spins a compressor, which compresses the intake air.

  • Compresses intake air makes more power, because it allows you to burn more fuel per power stroke of the engine, and because it helps scavenge the engine.
    Side Note: The new, compressed, intake charge "blows out" the remaining exhaust gases.

  • The amount of work done by a turbo's turbine depends on the amount of gas flow through it, and the pressure differential across it.

  • You can improve the turbine pressure differential by installing an exhaust system with a higher flow capacity than stock. It's impossible to have "too much" exhaust flow downstream of the turbo.

  • The intake compressor works best when it has been specifically sized for an engine's flow requirments and boost levels.

  • Intercoolers are our friends. They reduce the temperature of the compressed intake charge after the compressor has heated it.

  • An intercooler is only good as the air flow into it and out of it!

  • Wastegates limit boost levels by acting as a "rev limiter" for the turbo.

  • "Boost creep" indicates a wastegate that is too small.

  • High boost motors require good ignition systems. Most top end stumbles and misses are ignition problems.

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